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As it had been a few years since the Square Invoices web pages were last updated, we were tasked with refreshing the copy, imagery, and overall experience. An invoices-specific photoshoot was also completed, focusing on high-use businesses like caterers, contractors and landscapers.

Working closely with stakeholders, SEO, and production design, we redesigned the Overview, Features, and Pricing pages to provide a more user-friendly experience. We ensured all the content was accurate and relevant for our sellers, clearly highlighting the suite of tools within the Square Invoices ecosystem.

The live site uses elevated motion, interaction, and video. Across the three pages (Overview, Features, and Pricing) I created 39 unique stylized product UI screens. In addition, I designed 4 sample modals layered with full hot-spot interaction. A separate mobile functionality was implemented for an optimal responsive experience.


Creative direction — Andy Kribbs
Art direction and design — Aubrey Emlyn
Copywriting — Rebecca Skinulis